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DirectTV Now is a streaming TV service from AT&T.   I have it and it works pretty well.  Not perfect yet, but pretty well.

If you are an AT&T cellular customer and are looking for a streaming TV service this is the one for you.  The reason is that streaming DirectTV Now using AT&T cellular does not count against your data plan.  The data usage for any streaming service can be 1Gb per hour or more.  Not counting against your data plan is important.

There are a couple of offers you should be aware of if you are interested in this.

  1. Prepay for 3 months of the service and get a free AppleTV through March 30.
  2. If you buy the 100 or 120 chance offering you get a free year of HBO.  This might not be such a great offer since it only costs $5.00 to add it to the low end packages.


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