McDonalds WiFi Review

When you talk Free WiFi one name always comes up.  McDonalds.  They are everywhere and they offer free WiFi everywhere.  And it works ok.

There is no password.  When you connect to the SSID you are presented with a corporate page with some advertisement and an accept the terms and conditions login in button.   Click on the button and in 3 seconds or so you are in.

I did not see any obvious restrictions.  The connection speed seemed fast enough.  Speedtest showed 1mpbs up and down.   am assuming they are doing some bandwidth shaping.   Connections to the popular sites were quick.

There appeared to be others using the WiFi at the same time.  3 other
patrons by casual observation.

SSIDMcDonalds Free WiFi
AccessClick to connect on portal page
SpeedOK. 1 mbps
StreamingWorked ok with some drops
Outside Dining AccessYes
Parking Lot AccessNo


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