Mikrotik Wireless

Mikrotik is a wireless vendor with some very exciting wireless equipment that has real value.   The are located in Latvia and sell all around the world.   There equipment is used by many service providers to deliver service to customers so their equipment is designed to work well.   The downside of this is that it is not designed for consumers and so you you can get yourself into trouble quick.

Mikrotik devices are used as the basis for several other vendors RV setups.   Just take a look at some of the products from WIFIRANGER.  In their EliteAC package it based on the Mikrotik hardware with their customized software.    In this package WIFIRANGER appears to be using the Mikrotik RouterBoard hAP AC for the inside unit and the Mikrotik Metal 52ac.   WIFIRANGER has integrated it all together including all of the various pieces parts, antennas, cables and included their customer friendly software.  Not a small task that brings a lot of value.

The latest WiFi equipment implements 802.11ac standards.  Most vendors have that done this but there equipment is usually expensive.  Mikrotik has come out with inexpensive solutions in this space and they also have affordable solutions that are weatherproof/outdoor rated which is also unique.

Take a look at the following devices that I am using.  I will be reviewing them in the future:



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